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Strategic Anchors was founded in 2017 by Sean & Jeanette McMahon to serve other small business owners. The most effective anchors in life and business are not always the largest and most obvious but are strategically placed.


Services offered are in support of the needs of other small business owners. Dedicated times in the life cycle of a business for review and reflection can bring great change and clarity. Finding areas to proactively improve, spotting a trend, recognizing the source of a problem are all done best outside the parameters of the problem.


Whether you have owned a small business for 0, 5 or 50 years, Strategic Anchors Services offer guidance in purchasing a business new to you, evaluating a business for sale, representation in the sale of an existing business, business valuation, exit planning and strategies, transfer of ownership for your small business, valuation improvement plan in anticipation of sale, competitive improvement plan, identifying areas where risk can be decreased, compliance improved resulting in reduced insurance rates, operational gaps, customer service improvement areas, stronger frameworks from policies and procedures to help run your business with more freedom, training needs analysis & delivery, onboarding, unemployment tax claim reduction, recruiting support, benchmarking


The goal is your success, which is reflected in identifiable metrics including: sales price, cost savings, gross margin increase, and increasing sales. Consulting projects are compensated through results, other than a specific package or service your project should be covered by a percentage of the improvement. We win when your business results improve.


Every situation is unique and there is not a one size fits all or canned answer. We do not work alone, we have relationships with the Small Business Administration, Local banks, Attorneys, other Business Brokers, Business owners, Small Business Development groups, Chambers of Commerce, Business Insurance Brokers, Technical, Marketing & Finance professionals, a network of National Franchises, Commercial Real Estate Brokers, SHRM.